2019 Predictions

 It is always fun to try to predict what is going to happen during the next year and then review it and see that you were wrong all along. So here are my predictions for the next year

BTC will not see a major bull run but there will be given small trading opportunities.

A major exchange will be hacked or something similar for example there will come evidence that Tether is not actually backed by USD. As a result the price of BTC will tank.

Ethereum will reach single digits and most of the Ethereum based tokens will have 0 market value.

BCH and BSV will dissapear from the face of earth.

Top POW  “cryptocurrencies” will get 51 % attacked or similar type of attacks.

Coinbase and Binance will start delisting coins.

No BTC ETF will be approved in the USA

That is for now, If I think of something more all along I will add it as a  comment. Cannot wait to hear your predictions.

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