4 Buttons Trading idea [part 1]

Edit 22.04.19. I keep this idea on hold since I decided to not trade at the time being.

I read a post on Reddit that someone dream of trading with a Joystick. I thought this was a great idea to implement.

He would trade on one Minute Charts and if he thought that  the Price would go up in the next tick he would pull the stick up.  If he thought that the Price would go down we would pull the Lever down. If he wanted to Exit his Position he would pull the Joystick to the left and if he wanted to trade profits he would pull the Lever right.

What an Amazing concept ! I thought i could replace the Joystick Action with the arrow Buttons by doing something like the following: Go Long on Bitcoin by pushing the up arrow. Go short on bitcoin by pushing the down arrow. Stop Limit with the left arrow and take profits with the right one.

However this is not that easy to implement on Bitmex  since once we enter a contract with a market buy the Price that is entered  is not exactly the same as the $BTC as reported by the exchanges.

My second thought was to implement this with my Broker which I trade USA Options. This could work better. At this Phase the underlying security that I will trade is not that important.

As a first step I would like to implement the arrow logic. Once the logic is implemented I will see with what Exchange I will connect it to so that I can trade with the arrows.

Note that this will not work on stocks since we Need to be  able to go short (something that I have not enabled and I am not going to do with my broker). If I Chose to trade securities I will probably trade with USA Options. Buying calls once the upper arrow is pressed and buying puts if the down arrow is pressed. With left arrow I will Exit my Position with market Close and with the left arrow I will also market sell but for taking profits.

Another consideration is the Input of the Price and the underlying how it can be done with an efficient way and I have not thought of a good solution. Maybe I will use the closest contract to the underlying Price both for Bitcoin and for Options.

For the next update for this post I would like to have implemented the arrow logic to have something to work on.

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