February 2019 Summary

What an exciting month it has being ! BTC is still on life support but it showed some signs of recovery.

At the time of writing we had a nice upward movement to $4200 which for my long term accumulation plan it is just small noise however it feels good to have breaken the downwards spiral for a while.

According to my accumulation plan I bought 0.15 BTC for February at @3397 and also I bought the March part of 0.15 BTC on February because I was expecting a pump so I bought it at @3948 and again sold it at @4200 so I still need to buy my 0.15 BTC for March, hopefully for lower price once and if this pump settles. If we continue to go up I will have to buy 0.15 at a bit higher price in March since I will continue following my plan until 2024.

I continue to check the price as of habit around 2 or 3 times a day but my goal is to reduce that and check only once per week. The thing is that I am following a lot of people on Twitter that talk about bitcoin so I indirectly stay informed and I need to find a way to also reduce that.

For the upcoming months I will be working on my 4 button trading Idea that I have talked on the previous post. I have already implemented the arrow movement that they Trigger a funtion once pressed. I decided to trade Options with this since I can go Long or short on a stock and not Bitcoin as I am not Feeling comfortable with Bitmex. Hopefully I will have an implementation ready by end of March so that I can start playing with it with fake Money.

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