March Summary and April Plan

March Review

It has being a boring month, kept accumulating bitcoin as per plan. Bought 0.15 BTC. The grind seems endless but 2024 will come sooner.

During March I realized that BNB can become the next Ethereum in the next Bull run so I decided to buy BNB with 0.15 BTC and that is what I did. It is a petty that I spent so much time thinking about which coin could be the next to 100 x and the answer was in front of my eyes. I will keep the BNB for at least a year to see if is is going to act as I have imagined.[26.06.2019] I am not going to accumulate more BNB I have enough. 

I am also reading Fibonacci analysis books as I was not aware of how this technique worked. It is clear that I need to take my time with this and reread multiple times the book in order to grasp the concepts but I think I will have managed it until Mid of April.

April Plan

For April I bought the 0.15 BTC that I buy monthly at the end of March because I was expecting a pump in April.

This scenario played out and BTC skyrocketed to $5000.

I do not even look at USD equivalent of BTC anymore, my goal is to accumulate as much BTC as possible by 2024 as I mentioned multiple times throughout the Blog and especially here.

Since the price was pumping I decided to put the 0.15 BTC on Bitmex and take advantage of this mini Bull run by having 0.15 BTC with 2x Leverage. This worked pretty well and now instead of having 0.15 BTC I have 0.175 screenshot below:

I decided that for April I am satisfied and I stopped trading more.

[19.04.2019 ] There is a chance that we may see a reversal of the downtrend here in April. Therefore, I decided to buy a onetime 0.34 BTC and sent to a hardware wallet. This will assist in achieving my goal of gathering 12 BTC until 2024 as described here

If this is not the bottom and we go further down that is also fine. I am not planning to use these BTC until we reach at least $50.000 per BTC.

I will update this post as April comes to and end. Also I am thinking about the May Plan at the moment.

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