I get a FOMO feeling on $BTC

I get a really really strong FOMO feeling right now [20.04.19]and I am also feeling that the price is about to explode. Not a strong exponentially explosion but a steady walk up to old time highs.

As mentioned here in my 5 year accumulation plan my goal is to accumulate 12.5 BTC until 2024. At the time of writing this article I have only accomplished 8.5% of this goal or 1 BTC. That means a long way to go.

My tactic right now is only accumulation. That means buy the dips and keep riding without selling until BTC reaches my goal of $50.000 and then $100.000. I will never sell all my BTC as I will always have a stack somewhere forgotten for my children. This amount is 1 BTC right now but I ignore it for all my accumulation purposes since this is not for selling for at least 10 years more, where hopefully i can directly transact with BTC and not having to convert it to USD/EURO.

However the above plan is possible for me only if the price stays in the range of $3000- $8000 but I start to believe that this will not be the case. I would either need to

  1. reduce my total goal
  2. start accumulating more today
  3. find other ways to increase my BTC that has nothing to do with trading cause I suck at it

I am not sure which way is the best as I do not have enough capital at the moment to accumulate more BTC at once. I also do not want to trade BTC with shitcoins or trade with leverage on Bitmex because in the long run I cannot be profitable. The only tactic that I can see me succeeding in is going long on Bitmex with x2 leverage for an extended period of time. This is also risky for me as in order to keep the position open I need to pay 0.01 % of my position every hour and also if the price moves down I am in danger of liquidation which will defeat the whole purpose.

Therefore the only way for me is to offer some service that people are willing to pay a minimal amount of BTC in order to obtain.

My next step right now is to do nothing at all. I will keep following the plan and buy every month 0.15 BTC and see how it plays out. I will also try to think of some services that would be useful to me and try to implement them.

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