April Summary and May Plan

April Summary

As mentioned here, I have gathered 0.15 BTC as per plan. Initially I managed to make from the 0.15 BTC additional 0.04BTC so in total of 0.19 BTC by longing the whole bull run in April with x2 leverage on Bitmex.

However  I got cocky so I overtraded and managed to lose what I made which left me with the Initial 0.15 where I called it a day.

I also bought at the beginning of April 36 BNB since  I  believe that if a shitcoin is to perform better than BTC that would be it. I will continue buying  1 BNB per month until the start of the next bull run.

May Plan

I already bought 0.15 BTC for May and 1 BNB as the regular schedule. As I have a fear that there is a small chance that BTC will tank I have on the side $2000 in order to buy any dip that would bring BTC around that Price.

Nothing fancy planned for May, just wait and see.

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